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Dr. CGK Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to serving Greater Houston Area single mothers in low-to-median-income households looking to improve their quality of life through higher education that culminates with a degree from an accredited college or university. Education is a gift that keeps on giving. Thus, our goal is to educate Queens, making dreams reality for generations to come.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide resources that help single mothers in the Greater Houston Area attain a college degree.



Our vision is to improve the educational and economical trajectory for all single mothers through education-geared resources.


Core Values

At the Dr. CGK Foundation, we are guided by moral principles that dictate our beliefs and behaviors as we positively impact the lives of single mothers. These principles will not be sacrificed for convenience or corrupt gain.  The following are the core values by which our organization was founded:

  • Compassion – We are genuinely concerned about the fate of single mothers, and aspire to provide them with resources that will give them the extra push that is needed to earn a college degree.

  • Humility – We recognize that we have all needed help at one time or another to realize our fullest potential. Thus, we do not look down on others. We look back to grab the extended arms of those looking to move forward in their educational journey.

  • Responsibility – We believe in the duty of finding ways to give back to the community by way of our time, talents, and/or finances.

  • Integrity – We stand by our convictions to operate in fair and upright business practices. Falsifications, exaggerations, half-truths, selective omissions, or any other form of deceptive misrepresentations will not be tolerated.

  • Service – We are committed to the edification of all single mothers in the Greater Houston Area desiring a college degree, and freely give resources to assist them on their journey.

  • Trust – We conduct ourselves in a manner that is honorable and transparent, whereby you can have faith in the reputation and dependability of this organization.

Core Values


The Dr. CGK Foundation, Inc. Team is comprised of a dedicated group of caring and experienced professionals committed to serving single mothers looking to make their educational dreams come true. Many of our team members have direct experience with single motherhood by way of being birthed by a single mom, raised by a single mom, currently a single mom or formerly being a single mom. Our leaders volunteer diligently in these unpaid positions, which speaks to their selflessness and commitment to the overall mission and vision of the organization.

Board of Directors

Management Team



Dr. CGK Foundation, Inc. began when the need for resources specifically geared towards helping single mothers obtain a college degree was identified. As a former single mother and college dropout, Dr. Courtney Gatlin Keener became very passionate about bridging the gap between single moms and higher education. Though the initiative was birthed in the fall of 2018 as she began her own educational ambition of attaining a doctorate, Dr. Courtney Gatlin Keener Foundation, Inc. was formally established and designated as an independent 501(c)(3) in the summer of 2021.



Guidestar 2024.png

Dr. CGK Foundation, Inc. is a proud recipient of the GuideStar Gold Transparency Seal. We vow to ensure that every dollar donated is used for the sole purpose of carrying out our commitment to helping single moms earn a college degree.  We are IRS-compliant. Feel free to see our annual filings here by entering our EIN: 87-2266748.


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